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Come see why South Bend, Indiana is home to a unique and thriving Jewish community. Located in the heart of Jewish Michiana, we're proud to offer comprehensive information about the area for both residents and visitors.

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Discover the essentials for Jewish living in South Bend, IN, from local synagogues to the best of Kosher eating.

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    A variety of shuls suited to practitioners from all walks of life.

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    Jewish teachings and education are central to our community.

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    South Bend offers diverse Kosher options for eating and grocery.



Our local eruv encloses roughly 2.5 square miles in south-central South Bend. 

It contains quiet family neighborhoods, a variety of shopping, kosher restaurants and grocery options, as well as one of our local Orthodox shuls.

Career placement

Our local job placement individuals strive to find the perfect match of skill set, personality, corporate and personal desires as well as work-life balance for all of our new additions to South Bend. South Bend offers a plethora of job and career options, such as medicine, engineering, education, finance, and more. Let us assist you today with your next career move!

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