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Local Jewish Amenities

The greater South Bend area is proud to offer a variety of services, amenities, and places of worship in service to the vibrant local Jewish community. Explore the many options below and discover what makes South Bend so exceptional.




Local Jewish


The greater South Bend area offers enlightening Jewish education to its youth, no matter their age.

Kindergarten - 8th

South Bend Hebrew Day School is an Orthodox Jewish school with a warm learning environment, dedicated to serving all Jewish children in the Michiana region.

With a focus on providing an excellent education, in both Judaic and General Studies to all students, we partner with parents to help each child reach his or her potential.

A love of Torah, mutual respect, personal responsibility, kindness, self-confidence, and the building of life-skills are all the values that are nurtured and encouraged by our devoted and well-qualified staff.

Head of School- Rabbi Ephraim Goldstein

General Studies Principal - Mrs. Chaya Tabor

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(574) 255-3351

R'Goldstein (1).webp

9th - 12th, Girls

Head of School - Mrs. Rivky Lerman

(574) 257-5173

9th - 12th, Boys

Yeshiva Gedola of South Bend fosters the growth of Talmidim based on a traditional Yeshiva curriculum, emphasizing excellence, both in the breadth and understanding of Torah. In addition, the Yeshiva’s Rebbeim work hard to understand each Talmid’s personal character and how they think and learn, which enables them to grow according to their individual strengths.

We strive for excellence in all areas of study, and our secular program as well is designed to meet these high standards.  The end result is to give the talmidim the essential groundwork they will need in order to succeed in life as well as in their interactions with peers and society. The Yeshiva places a special emphasis on refined Midos, emotional growth, and personal responsibility, with the aim for developing the Talmud into a true Ben Torah.

Menahel - Rabbi Ami Zeiger

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(574) 231-5173



Local Kashrus Organization

South Bend Kosher

Kashrus Administrator:

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Danziger

3207 S. High Street

South Bend, IN 46614

Local Kosher Options


All stores mentioned here have Kosher Sections or

several Kosher products


926 Erskine Plaza

South Bend, IN 46614



1217 E. Ireland Road

South Bend, IN 46614



3610 Bremen Highway

Mishawaka, IN 46544


Trader Joe's

1140 East Howard
South Bend, IN 46617



625 E. University Drive

Mishawaka, IN 46530



Midwest Premium Kosher Market

Full Market with all of your Cholov Yisroel Milchig and Glatt Fleishig needs

Under SBK

560 W. Ireland Road

South Bend, IN 46614

(574) 855-1791


SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt, under SBK

560 W. Ireland Road

South Bend, IN 46614

(574) 855-1120

sweetfrog cutout.png

Kramer's Kosher Cuisine

Under SBK

Brand "Ess" Pizza
Call or Text (574) 703-1708 before 2pm with your order.
Under SBK

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